Pre-school and child care centres

Preschools in the Tartu Rural Municipality include: Lähte day care centre and Kõrveküla day care centre Päikeseratas along with its child care centre (Raadi child care centre). The waiting list to join these rural municipality preschools is considerably shorter than those in the city of Tartu. All of the facilities of these institutions have undergone complete renovations and are well maintained. 

Raadi child care centre (situated on Pärna Allee) is a subsidiary of the Päikeseratas day care centre; the child care centre offers the same services as the preschool.

  • New residents of the Kaupmehe residential area who have registered themselves locally are able to apply for slots at these preschools according to space availability.
  • The child care centre is open on weekdays from 7:30 to 18:00.
  • The monthly fee is 32 EUR.
  • The child care centre has a daily program that includes playing, singing, exercise, outdoor recess and sleeping.



Elementary education is provided at two local schools: Kõrveküla Basic School and Lähte Co-educational Gymnasium. Secondary education can be obtained at Lähte Co-educational Gymnasium. The areas of specialization are media, technology and sports. The school has a dormitory that allows pupils from all over Estonia to attend.

Organizations based on children’s initiative connect pupils through various activities. Some examples include: the organization of successful children (ELO), Kodutütred, GETA club and girl scouts. In addition, there are student councils at Kõrveküla Basic School and Lähte Co-educational Gymnasium.

Free school meals are provided to all pupils at Kõrveküla Basic School and Lähte Co-educational Gymnasium. These schools have been completely renovated and are well maintained. Children can attend either the rural municipality or city schools; residency registration does not limit choice.